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Fiber micro-surfacing / slurry seal truck


This equipment was specially designed to preventively maintain the existing pavement and repair the wheel-path ruts. Slurry Seal & Micro-Surfacing is a cold mixing and cold paving system. It is a mixture of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, mineral aggregate, mineral filler, water, and other additives, properly proportioned, mixed and paved on an existing pavement. This equipment is composed of truck chassis, aggregate hopper, asphalt tank, water tank, filler hopper, additives tank, mixture proportioning system, mixing system, paving and screeding system, hydraulic system, computer-control system, etc.. This equipment was firstly developed and manufactured by our company in China.


  • 1
    High intelligent. It introduces programmed auto-control system. The operator only needs to input paving thickness, width and asphalt mixture proportion, then all the systems will run automatically.
  • 2
    Saving energy: It was not equipped with an auxiliary engine for the power system. Its power takes from truck engine and fully takes use of the extra power of truck engine.
  • 3
    The metering system is not required to re-calibrate when mix proportion changes, which benefits from its auto-control system.
  • 4
    High-quality paving: the hydraulic-driven and variable-width spreader box is equipped with four augers. In the process of paving, the augers rotation direction and speed are adjustable, which can realize two times mixing and no-segregation spreading to guarantee paving quality.
  • 5
    The aggregate, water and asphalt materials supplying systems are equipped with automatic alarming device. Any one material will be running out or run out, the system will automatic alarm or shutdown.
  • 6
    The asphalt pump is equipped with jacket-heating system which introduces cooling water of truck engine second-time heated by exhaust pipe.
  • 7
    The aggregate hopper is equipped with two beam vibrators and hopper walls use PE liner to ensure aggregate not bridging.



DGL5310TXJ (Euro III)

DGL5310TFC-X104(Euro IV)

Capacity of Aggregate Hopper (m3)


Truck Chassis


Capacity of Asphalt Tank (L)


Engine Power (kW)


Capacity of Water Tank (L)


Paving Width (mm)

2400 to 4200

Capacity of Filler Hopper (L)


Paving Thickness (mm)

5 to 15

Capacity of Additives Tank (L)


Paving Speed (km/h)

2 to 3

Agitator Type

Twin shafts with blades

Max. Output (kg/min)


Total Weight (kg)


Drive Type

Full hydraulic

Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)